Romantic movie scenes

I was looking for a video of Will Ferrell singing "Whole Wide World" (and adorably so, he even becomes seriously sexy!) in the movie Stranger than Fiction for my Multiply, when I got to thinking about my favorite romantic movie scenes.

I don't go for the deeply dramatic ones--I always prefer the funny scenes, perhaps because my love life is always more of a romantic comedy than a drama.

When it comes to great romantic movie scenes, I think Love, Actually takes the cake. There's the wedding scene where the best man, secretly in love with the bride, surprises the newlyweds with a love song; the scene where the same best man gives his best friend's new wife a final, Christmas, farewell surprise; the sexy love scene with the man we now recognize as Xerxes (haha); and, well, there's the rest of the movie!

But this is my favorite part.

I think Colin Firth is my new Pierce Brosnan. ♥