Watch Heizel!

Edit, April 2, 2007: I added the picture that didn't show up when Blogger emailed Multiply my entry. :) It's just not the same without the picture.

My MFA classmate, whom we lovingly call Marabini for being the "Marahas na Binibini" character that she is, is going to be on television. Watch her this Holy Week!

Here's the ABC 5
press release I got on email:
ABC takes viewers to three-day spiritual journey

Instead of completely going off the air on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday, ABC-5 observes the most solemn days of Holy Week with unique programs that will help viewers keep the week holy. ABC-5 has packaged a three-day spiritual journey that promises to be inspiring and enlightening.

The Lenten package's main attraction is a reality show with a subject never before explored on TV, a three-day holy retreat. It also includes live liturgical services, short films, docus, musicals, music videos and testimonials.

ABC-5 has partnered with the Jesuit Communications Foundation, Inc.(Jescom) for this special Lenten offering.

"Spiritual Journey" follows eight young adults, four males and four females, of diverse interests and backgrounds who get cloistered from the outside world for a three day retreat at the Sacred Heart Novitiate in Novaliches, Quezon City across the La Mesa Dam. The novitiate is a 74-year-old Jesuit facility secluded by ancient trees
on rolling hills spread over a hundred hectares.

The eight youths live, pray, reflect, share, cry, laugh, discover new selves together as they take the journey one day at a time. They go on a Station of the Cross at the San Francisco del Monte grotto, they hold their graduation and are joined by their families in the shade of a hundred year old tree. They swear to continue the friendship forged at the Novitiate. The six-hour reality show will air two hours a day at 1p.m. to 3 p.m. on Maundy Thursday (April 5), Good Friday (April 6) and Black Saturday (April 7).