An invitation to be the star of your life!

You're all invited to the OCCI (Organizational Change Consultants International) orientation on the seminar trilogy I've been mentioning in my recent blog entries here and at

These seminars have transformed the way I live by raising my level of awareness! I've found out that whatever it is that's not working in my life, I contributed to it, and having done so, I have the power to change it.

I'm still in the middle of the final seminar, which involves coaching, but already, I'm living closer to my dream life.

There are two orientations scheduled next week: Tuesday, May 15, 7pm, at the
OCCI seminar room, 5F Emerald Bldg., Emerald Ave., Ortigas (after which The Secret, that hit film docu on The Law of Attraction, will be shown for free) and Wednesday, May 16, 7pm, sponsored by my team, at a coach's house in Makati.

Message me here or text me for more info at +63.920.273.7087. Or email me at alricardo[at]yahoo[dot]com if you'd like to receive a detailed info sheet about the OCCI Seminar Trilogy. :)

You'd be very glad you took this journey, I guarantee.