Thursday, December 6, 2007

From the convention of those wounded in love

I'm just quoting! I didn't help draft the charter (oh, how I wish) but I'll willingly sign it.

One of these days, I'll smile and say I won't change a thing. But it's not one of those days yet.

From Paulo Coelho's blog:
Article 1 – All lovers, of any sex, are alerted that love, besides being a blessing, is also something extremely dangerous, unpredictable and capable of causing serious damage. Consequently, anyone planning to love should be aware that they are exposing their body and soul to various types of wounds, and that they shall not be able to blame their partner at any moment, since the risk is the same for both.
And here's another one:
Final determination: Those wounded in love, unlike those wounded in armed conflict, are neither victims nor torturers. They chose something that is part of life, and so they have to accept both the agony and the ecstasy of their choice.

And those who have never been wounded in love will never be able to say: “I have lived”. Because they haven’t.