Farewell, MJ!

Michael Jackson's death came as a big surprise. The aftermath is still one big crazy circus. But I suppose that's how it really is with pop superstars. I myself was surprised to realize how much he and his songs were part of my childhood. His death dug up so many memories!

So, in his honor, let me just share a thread that started on Facebook and grew in Plurk. :-) I've translated the parts that were in Filipino, but you can read the original thread here.

A: He's dead, so it's a Thriller night.
B: Tonight you will see him as a Man in the Mirror
C: Oh no! That's Dangerous...
B: He shouldn't be Bad!
D: If you see him, You are Not Alone!!!
E: Hey, the guy's dead, Beat It.
B: Yeah, just Remember the Time when Michael Jackson was still alive!
F: If I find the people behind this series of jokes, there will be Blood on the Dance Floor.
E: Ooh, F, Smooth Criminal.
G: OMG! So much hate. Heal the World!
H: Are you kiddin'? We are the World!
F: You think We are the World, but we're not! We could be Strangers in Moscow!
H: Whether it's Black or White, remember to always think twice. (Don't think twice... don't think twice? Don't think twice!)
F: I will think twice! It's Human Nature to think twice! And don't tell me that it's human nature. Why? Why? Because we
I: I am sure they'd think again if they had a friend like Ben..
F: Who's Ben? Who's Ben? Come on! And the whole world has to answer right now just to tell me once again, who's Ben?
J: Ben is definitely not Billie Jean's lover.
H: But she's such a Pretty Young Thing...
F: Unlike Dirty Diana...
E: What about Little Susie? Or that Liberian Girl?
H: The Girl is Mine
F: The girl is yours? Keep it in the Closet!
H: I'm in a State of Shock!
F: You need some Jam.
H: If I do manage to find some, i'm sure it'll be Gone Too Soon.
F: Well, don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got ti;l it's gone? Will you be there? (Oooh, Janet & Michael combo!)
H: Yeah, Got to Be There...
F: Well, I'll Be There...
K: This thread makes me want to Scream with madness!
J: You know he's mad, he's mad, you know it, come on!
H: Doesn't it make you Happy? (la la la la... lah lah lah...)
L: Hahahaha! This thread has no end. If MJ can only get to read this, he'd say, "Why You Wanna Trip On Me?" Haha!