Thursday, June 18, 2009

My thesis is taking shape :-)

I suppose there's a reason for my dreams. I've been thinking of my thesis--my first publishable body of work, supposedly--and maybe creativity is trying to force itself out after being shut out by other matters of consequence. My hours have been occupied with work, and more work, and other welcome, albeit detrimental distractions. But now, I'm preparing a blank wall, or, better yet, a canvass with which to finally, finally get to my real work.

My mind has been playing with time: what-if scenarios, which I have always loved; happy endings; regrets; and the beauty of not knowing or being surprised. I have to anchor this in place: my little suburban neighborhood. It will have to be about love and sadness and forgiveness and little dramas and big shifts. And I have a working title, which I won't mention just yet, at least in this blog, because I might jinx it.

I've been thinking about my own creative process too, partly because I need to write about it for the thesis, and partly because of Elizabeth Gilbert's TED Talk on nurturing creativity (I've embedded it below). I'm slow to everything, I guess, like falling in love, falling out of it, writing, forgiving, yadda, yadda, but I am always 100 percent. :-)

It's time to get that MFA. In the words of Gilbert, it's time for me to "show up for my part of my job."