Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Terrible Twos tells me, "One only!"

Like her sister before her, my two-year-old niece Kiara isn't allowed chips. But I had some Cheetos and she asked -- no, implored me to give her some. I checked with her dad and was allowed to give her only one piece.

So I handed her a small piece. It was so small it wasn't even half a Cheeto. "One only," I said, my forefinger up to drive home the point.

Kiara nodded and happily ate the Cheeto.

Then she asked for more, threatening me with tears. I told her mom, and her mom said I could give Kiara banana chips instead because she loved them too.

I gave Kiara a newly opened bag of banana chips. She squealed with delight and ran around with the bag, eating chips and showing it to everyone in the house.

She came up to me, beaming, her mouth full of chips.

"May I have some, Kiara?" I asked.
"Please? You have to share."

She thought it over. Then she dug out one big chip, bit off half, then handed it to me.

"One only," she said. Forefinger up.

You know, to drive home the point.