So maybe I was the a**hole

But I wasn't the bigger asshole. He was. 


I was really nasty towards someone who betrayed me last week. And me being me, I find myself teetering between satisfaction and regret. So far, though, satisfaction outweighs regret, so I'm okay for now.

I find that I'm finally able to let go of the need to be nice to people who don't deserve it. And I also find that sometimes, it's really good, at least for my mental health, to really let them know what I think, even if it unleashes a part of me I've always tried to reign in.

It's like, eff you, I'm taking my power back. 

There was this post I saw somewhere that said, "My personality is who I am; my attitude is based on who you are."

I still think it's not helpful to hold on to anger, but maybe, just maybe, if I unleash it fully, I can let go faster?