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Where January went

Rewrote my history, sort of. Made some New Year's resolutions, but this time I decided to be easier on myself and fulfill them on a "phase-out" basis. Started a handwritten journal wherein I force myself to write everyday. Archived, for good, old blog posts.

Wiped some slates clean, messed up others. Delayed my thesis, in anticipation of a recently-launched (but still nowhere to be found) book on my hometown. Met up with classmates. Delayed an addiction to Heroes.

Felt my niece's first teeth.

Thought of finally getting a full-time job again, after a couple of years of freelancing. Watched American Idol.

Avoided refined sugar, mostly, from January 8 onwards. Finally watched Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah. Finally opened MySpace and Multiply accounts, on top of my Friendster.

Got a little bit confused in Multiply and kept posting cross-linked entries--no, just entry titles! Fixed that problem already.

Hello, February.