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English Trainer Chronicles: Lost in translation

She was telling me to wait on the phone: "I will regulate the darkness." She meant: "I need to adjust the light." He was telling me why he had to see an ex-girlfriend again, after a bad break-up: "I have to see her because I left my clock at her apartment." I actually replied: "Why not get a new one? It can't be that expensive!" He meant: He had left his watch. He was telling me about how he expressed his vacation preferences to his wife: "I told her to fly away."

"The world will crush you," he said

Someone told me I was too sensitive; I let too many things affect me or hurt me. It's funny, because it is both true and untrue. I am tough where it matters, I think, and soft where I allow myself to be. If I am deceived, it is because I choose to trust. This choice is not easy to come by; it takes a long time and careful thought. I don't see why that is a weakness, because the easy way is just to doubt and see the more apparent worst in people. I choose to see the best in them, because I want to believe that no matter how horrid I get--and I have been really horrid--someone will choose to see the best in me as well. If I have long spaces of sadness or hurt, say, out of a failed romance, it is because I do love deeply and it takes me a long time to heal. But when I do heal, and the person is worth loving, the love evolves, and it will always, always be there. I know no other way to love; I want no other way either, because I want to believe I will be loved in exactly the same