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Time makes you bolder

Here I am, having lunch by myself at a restaurant as a way to encourage myself to have a weekend. I see another woman eating by herself, and, for some reason, I feel a little sad that she is eating alone, even if I am doing the same thing and enjoying it as I always have. 

My mind drifts to thoughts of how her choices--and, I suppose, mine--led to this moment: eating lunch alone at a restaurant, surrounded by everyone else with their loved ones. 

Did she lose a great love, did she never stand a chance, is she momentarily escaping a bad love, is she still pining for the last one?

I catch myself and stop myself from thoughts that would eventually make me feel bad for imagined reasons. Then I start to tuck into my food.

But the restaurant knows and it has been watching me since I entered with a reservation for one, so it starts playing Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide," which I last played with a semi-broken heart. 

And I saw my reflection.