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Lost my first, and hopefully last, molar

The art of losing is not hard to master. Lost my first molar! It was filled with the intent to be lost that its loss (Write it!) was no disaster.

This cheered me up.

This is how I want to spend my life

Lying down on a grassy hill, watching clouds go by during the day, watching stars sparkle at night. The two of us talking and laughing and holding hands. Every moment, a breeze.

Photo taken by Sherwil Nuesa during one of her travels. Because it reminded her of me.

For posterity's sake, the Mt. Pinatubo poem

Because I don't know a shorter way to retrieve Facebook status updates. And because this stranger has just conquered Mt. Pinatubo! Four-hour trek across snake-infested and rocky lahar land and all.

From my learner Remi.
To Althea Lauren Ricardo, Marchie P. Reyes, Donna Lampa

I'm sorry but I can't go
I'm not such an hero
It's a stratovolcano
... It's Mount Pinatubo.

The Mt. Pinatubo crater lake. January 22-23, 2011.

You will love again the stranger who was yourself

The time has come! It took a little less than three years, but I'm okay!

Thank you, 2010, and welcome, 2011

Thank you for the following:

family I love and who love me • Keona • my few, but trusted friends • my dogs, especially Tutay who still sleeps on my bed • puppies • my home • my second home in Taguig • LEAP 45 and the whole coaching journey • new netbook • financial abundance • new books • good health • critical incidents • a job that pushes me to grow • beautiful, loving officemates • writing opportunities • many firsts: writing a song, chopping a lechon, getting a new hairstyle • travel: Zambales, Calaguas, Malaysia, Singapore, Corregidor, Tagaytay several times • new friends • credit cards • new camera • love • money to pay the bills • emotional healing • forgiveness • new cellphone • 10 fun dates • surfing • circus • challenging people who are now out of my life and doing well, I hope • family I love and who love me

It was a blessed, blessed year.

2011, let's rock.