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Dream: Interspecies, cougar thing

I dreamed that I was being pursued by two male human-looking creatures with charcoal angel wings. They were younger than me, maybe in their mid-twenties. They couldn't enter the two-story house I was living in without an invitation, and I'd see their faces peering into windows or their arms reaching through cracks in whatever room I was in. Sometimes, I'd see only their shadows.

They freaked everyone out, but for me they weren't as frightening as they were bothersome, especially when I needed privacy. I couldn't sleep when I could see a face watching me from my window, even in the dark.

One day, fed up, I ignored the warnings of people and stepped out to try to talk to one of them. I wasn't all that brave, so I stood in the doorway, leaving the door half open. "What do you want?" I called out to the dark-haired one. He was older than the other one and had a face I'd never seen before.

He descended, and as he did his wings disappeared and he formed legs. "I just want to get to know you better," he said.

"So what do you want from me?"

"Let's hang out."


The other creature approached us, his wings disappearing and legs appearing as well. He had a familiar, friendlier face. "I want to hang out, too," he said. "But not with him around!" He pointed at the other creature, who replied with a scowl.

"Hey, don't fight," I said (and my dreaming self giggled).

So I hung out with them both, liking the dark-haired one for his brooding personality and liking the friendly one more for his humor and candor. I still didn't let them in the house, but I talked them out of looking into windows and taught them to just wait for me outside.

One day, I was talking to the friendly one. I found myself leaning against him, laughing over a joke he'd said. I stood up to walk to my house.
He stayed seated, smiling.

"Did you want to come inside?" I asked, fully aware of all the risks.

He was still seated as I walked away, the invitation still open. As I woke up, I was thinking, "Can I really do this interspecies cougar thing?"

Dream: The one with Rachel and Robin

I dreamt a new Friends/HIMYM episode. Rachel had a new boyfriend, a guy she didn't like at first and eventually fell for. It was cute how she told him "I love you" first, after he had resigned himself to being just a friend.

They were bantering, and then in the middle of laughing over a joke, the guy said, "Don't get mad, but I'm going to kiss you." She froze. He leaned over. Then he planted a kiss on her cheek. She melted, saying "Awww." The guy pulled back and started telling another joke. Rachel blurted out, "I love you."

Unfortunately, this episode was before she got back with Ross, so my dream self worried about how Rachel and this new guy would break up since we all knew she would end up with Ross.

The next scene featured Robin. It was still the same episode, but she was on a spaceship hurtling through space. The mood was different, so was the humor. But even on the spaceship, Robin had guy problems.

My last dream thought was, "This episode is bad."

Dream: Ready?

My dream faded away too quickly even if it was so vivid I remember telling myself to remember. But all I remember is this:

"Are you ready to know?" I asked.

"Are you willing to let go?" the black thing hulking over my bed asked back.

Going semi-vegetarian

I've been considering going part-vegetarian recently. My goal is to have 4 meat-free days in a week. I'm still working on making it to four days. It's hard, but I do feel better when I eat more fruits and vegetables.

I still don't know if I can give up meat completely. I don't know if what that blood type diet says is true, that we Type Os need more meat. I went 30 days meatless once, and I craved it so bad, I broke my diet with barbecued pork!

Maybe I should just focus on what I'll be eating (more fruits and veggies) and not what I won't be eating (all my favorite meat dishes). That's a dieting tip that works for me: Pile on the good stuff, and you'll soon forget about the bad stuff.

Still, I'm not yet convinced that eating meat is bad. But vegans, don't write me off yet. I have been staying away from any animal cruelty videos because I can't watch animals suffer, even if I know they suffer for my food.

Let's see how it goes. Part of my goal is to learn how to cook more meat-free dishes, so I'll try to post my experiments here.

Dream: I wrote a speech

I dreamed that I was invited to deliver an extemporaneous speech, and, after much initial reluctance, I did. It turned out that I had joined a contest and I won... and had to move on to the next round. I was totally terrified, but this time I decided to work on a speech, since I didn't know yet if we would be asked to deliver a prepared speech or an extemporaneous one.

I started writing a speech about how a trip abroad made me more nationalistic "because home is where the person I love lives." I wrote about how the awe I felt over the foreign country's sunset made me love my own country more because I remembered the people who lived there. And I wrote many other things, completing the speech in my dream--with editing and revisions, too.

It was done when I woke up, and my dream self was eager to deliver it. Of course, when I woke up, everything faded away.

Which reminds me, I once wrote an entire horror screenplay in a dream.