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Said woman take it slow

Patience has never been one of my virtues. That's probably why, despite wanting a position from which I can influence change and believing that education is key in societal formation, I have never attempted to be a teacher. I'm afraid of scarring my young students, or eventually giving myself a heart attack. Last night, I was talking to a friend, and my impatience got the better of me. I flared up, and my legendary temper reared its ugly head. We eventually worked it out, but I was left thinking about my Lenten pledge. Abstaining from anger is really turning out to be a challenge. My father was short-tempered himself, and I remember hating it every time I asked my mother to tutor me in Chemistry (she was a Chemistry teacher before being a change management consultant) because she would often get mad whenever it took me long to grasp her lessons. Funny, because her other students loved her teaching style. I guess patience is not something I learned from them. But they we

Fasting and abstinence

After Ash Wednesday mass yesterday, Mamu, Kai, Nana Tin, Keona and I went to Southmall. The original plan was to watch "Bridge to Terabithia" but my sister changed her mind about going with us, so we had dinner instead. I had fish and fries, my sister had a tuna sandwich, my mom had seafood kebab, Nana Tin had a tanigue (mackerel) sandwich, and Keona had mashed potatoes, tomatoes and carrots from my mom's plate. I had been open to eating chicken (and was in fact eyeing Inasal Chicken Bacolod), but Mamu told me it wasn't allowed. And she's right. Now, I didn't know that. Seventeen years (I added my graduate school years) in a Catholic school, and I didn't know that. So I guess that means I'm having no chicken for sure until Palm Sunday. When Pioq, my sister's husband, arrived, he told my sister that he had eaten the ground beef she had packed for his lunch. "You will burn in hell!" I joked. And I really was joking--I don't subsc

Lent 2007

I have had relative success in Lenten abstinence in the past few years. After Lent, I just didn't pick up my guilty pleasures anymore. My blog count-ups show that I have been cigarette-free and soda-free for over 700 days now--that's two years. For this Lent, I am abstaining from red meat and refined sugar. But I would like to add something else, an abstinence that bites. I know Catholics really shouldn't eat red meat during Lenten Season, but we hardly practice that at home, so it's a sacrifice for me to abstain from it. Refined sugar, however, is something I struggle to give up. I don't know how far I can take not eating red meat (I'm saying I don't know, because I'm not 100% bent on not eating it forever and ever yet), but I would like to totally eliminate refined sugar from my diet for as long as I live. I am still trying to come up with more things I would like to abstain from, but food and television are the only things I heavily indulge in. I

Flexing my biggest muscles

My heart and my mind. When I think about it now, I realize I was long overdue for something like what happened over the weekend: Upon the persistence of friends, I finally said yes to a leadership seminar (FLEX), and it was like my mind took a long, long vacation and came back not just refreshed, but enlightened. Which is not to say the way I live my life has already changed. I'm still in the process of recognizing and solving a host of issues. But my level of awareness has been lifted, and I now recognize the struggle that frustrates me so--where it stems from, why I'm frustrated, and why I have it in me to solve them. No more pity parties. No more self-deprecation. No more whining. No more excuses. No more hatred. Less and less anger. Less and less self-doubt. Less and less negativity. More action. More daring. love. And no more rolling of eyes when people say happy-happy-joy-joy stuff. *** I think the things I picked up from the FLEX seminar can be found in one o

Web 2.0

I changed my mind about writing a separate blog focused on my goals. I'm having a hard time maintaining this one as it is; other efforts should be focused on more financially-rewarding ventures. Help me come up with one. :) Anybody needs a freelance writer who would rather not get into too technical writing? I'm seriously considering relocating, maybe within the country first, after I graduate. I need to spread my wings and prepare to fly, butterfly. I just wish I knew which industry to jump to. Right now, I'm all excited with the possibilities the internet offers. What kind of jobs are available for creative writers in this industry? I found an interesting video on Web 2.0 on YouTube. Check it out!

Thesis rut

I'm stuck in a thesis rut. Ever since I heard that a book on the history and culture of Las PiƱas has been launched and is set to be released in bookstores "early this year," I've been waiting for it to come out before making any major revisions on my thesis stories. So far, there's no sign of the book. Maybe I should go back to my original plan and start researching on my own. I have a story brewing in my head that's set in the Manila Memorial Park, probably one of the country's most beautiful cemeteries. It's actually a storyline that's been working itself out since college. I don't know why it takes me so long to write, when my stories are always very simple. Well, actually, I do know. Because I'm so lazy to make outlines. But I ought to start putting structure, not just in writing, but in everything I do in my life. The thing with structure is, it doesn't seem to leave much space for magic. Or maybe that's just my shallow un


A friend's dad's friend, Tito B---, died last week, and, having met him many times too, I went to his funeral. We were late, or they were early, and by the time we arrived, his coffin was already buried underneath clods of soil and flowers from the wake. The occasion was tragic, but it was a beautiful day. The cool wind softened the mid-afternoon sun and, as the little children ran around, unmindful of the gravestones, I stood with my friends and listened to the dead man's friends tell his widow what a character, what a good friend, her husband was. They swapped stories, shared anecdotes, elaborated on each other's recollections. Most of them hadn't met her before, and they probably wanted to give that side of Tito B--- that was unfamiliar to them a side of him that they knew well. I wonder what people will say about me at my funeral? "She was so funny!" for sure, and even something like, "She was a shiny, happy person who got along well with ev