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On sitting with the discomfort

Yesterday, I ended up doing more work because someone didn't do a job well. I felt angry; my instinct was to lash out at the person, completely convinced that it would lighten my emotional load. But I remembered these two things: 1. A quote from this excellent essay by Internet hacktivist Aaron Swartz . In moments of great emotional stress, we revert to our worst habits: we dig in and fight harder. The real trick is not to get better at fighting — it’s to get better at stopping ourselves: at taking a deep breath, calming down, and letting our better natures take over from our worst instincts. 2. This expression that I see often in discussions on mindfulness, meditation, and yoga: Sit with the discomfort. Or, in this context, sit with the uncomfortable feeling. So I did. I still ended up doing the work, but at least I was no longer doing it upset.