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Dream: Almost a love story

I dreamt that I needed to buy a new phone battery because my current one already felt like half an orange. I took it out and got ready to go to the mall, mask and all. I placed my now-dead phone and the battery inside a resealable plastic bag, and then put it in a leather bag with my leather wallet. Then I got on a bus. Suddenly, I was in San Francisco, as if the bus had entered a portal and exited in the US. We were about to arrive at the bus stop. The bus paused, and a girl hurriedly stepped out. Then the bus moved again--slowly driving down a dozen or so huge steps that led to the water. This was a usual stop in San Francisco, I gathered. I dropped my leather bag through the window on the third step. I signaled to a woman watching the bus to please get my bag. She picked it up and gave me a thumbs up sign. The final stop was submerged in knee-deep water. I waded back to where the woman was to get my bag. We made small talk and it turned out she was with a group of family and