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Hello, blog

It's been a while. But then again, it's been a while since I've had alone time and I've felt alone enough to just write in this space I've chosen to share with everyone and, well, no one in particular.

I wasn't feeling so good today and I decided to go to my new favorite sanctuary: the Padre Pio Shrine. To be specific, the St. Francis of Assisi prayer room.

I love two things about this place. First, the scent of fresh roses that greets you as you enter the chapel. Second, the fact that it has papers and pens in many places for you to scribble your prayer requests on. You drop your paper in transparent boxes and put it in the company of other people's prayers. When you leave, you take with you the comfort that your request is just there, in a place that is almost never bereft of prayers.

Today, I knelt in front of the altar and filled three sheets of paper with my prayer requests. I couldn't really pray, because my mind just would not be still. I kept thinking of my many concerns, resentments, how tired I was, how embarrassed, how angry, how stressed, how annoyed, how ... everything that was not and will never be my highest truth.

The act of writing it all down helped me find some sort of stillness.

Writing is like praying for me.

Hello, blog.