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Made a vision board

My space hasn't been positive lately. Or, more precisely, I've been swinging from okay and not okay. I'm facing some old fears, and while I'm grateful for the opportunity to resolve them, I have to say, it's quite difficult. But I'm going to break through this, I swear.

I spent the whole of last night creating a new vision board. My life plans and desires are clearer than ever: I want to live in different countries for long stretches of time; I want to travel a lot for work; I want to take up further studies; I want to drive; I want to swim; I want to fall in love; I want a wooden house; I want a retro kitchen; I want diamond stud earrings ... It's not a very long list, but I think it balances my professional and personal goals with my non-material and material desires.

I'll have my vision board printed so I could put it up where I can see it.


I'm itching to go back to school. I want to study Spanish again.


I also miss this blog. I'll be writing more.