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Commuter Chronicles: Taxi driver, sweet lover

It was, by far, the grooviest cab I have ever taken. It was bright orange and white on the outside, with a huge ad for something--fabric freshener, maybe--instead of a taxi light. Inside, the roof was dotted with stickers--of Jesus, cats, flowers, anime girls in short skirts--and glow-in-the-dark stars. There was a big Chinese good luck decor hanging from the rear-view mirror, dangling in front of a statue of the Holy Family that stood beside a little statue of a spotty open-mouthed giraffe head that was presently home to a plastic black ballpoint pen. The driver was in aviator shades and a brown flowery silk shirt. He had a leather cellphone case strapped on his belt. He was wearing a Saudi gold bracelet, a wedding ring, and shiny leather shoes. "Neat stickers!" I told him, after I gave him my destination. "The kids had a brilliant idea," he replied in the vernacular, instantly giving me a once over in the mirror. "Your kids?" I asked. He laughed

Hello, 2010!

Hello, 2010! I'm spending more time in Libis now, than I am in Las PiƱas. I'm spending more time on Twitter (well,, actually) now, than on this blog. But after giving microblogging a try, I've realized that blogging really isn't dead just yet. Microblogging is a conversation you have with others in real time; blogging is a dialogue you have with yourself after some reflection. I love microblogging--I'd been waiting for this service since I started making my perenially Under Construction website on Geocities, which died last year, BTW--but my long-term relationship is with this blog. *** So, how was 2009 for me? It had more ups than downs, and I'm blessed to have lived through it and ended up with more than what I had at its beginning. It sped by really fast, though, and most of the time, it was all about chasing deadlines. *** So, what do I plan for 2010? There's new responsibilities at work to look forward to. There's indepen