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Dear Universe/God: #6

I'm blessed. Thank you for ...

1. the lovely, lovely vacation I had with family
2. letting me fall in love with snorkeling
3. protecting my vacation from negative news and unsettling affairs :)
4. the friends I can cry and share my journey with
5. the delicious CNT Cebu lechon, Carcar chicharon, and mango shakes
6. keeping me healthy
7. the ego boost, and yes, I won't bite, promise.

To everyone past and present

I heard this song on Oprah (in that episode where she and Gayle went on a road trip) and I immediately connected with it.

I thought of Ray and Juan too, because I suppose this song captures best how I feel about them now. :)

This song's going in my wedding!

Leaving for a vacation

One other reason I love my job is that, while we Filipinos are not really blessed with 35-hour workweeks and long vacations like the French workers, I get to reap some benefits from this enviable perk. This is my second August teaching English to Europeans and, once again, we're getting a lot of free time this month as most of the learners are on summer vacation. I've decided to take a week and two days off to go to Cebu and Bohol.

Last year, I worked all throughout August. I wasn't one to take vacation leaves (maybe this is because my longest job was with a major daily, where we ate deadlines for breakfast), and I was only able to really indulge early this year for my first trip out of the country. As I said, I was bitten by the travel bug. No more homebody me. :)

I'm going with my sister's family (actually, they're going with me, as I was the one who invited them), and I'm excited to be taking Keona along. We've got a packed itinerary (we're visiting relatives in Cebu, going to my father's hometown, eating the must-eat foods...) and I'm hoping for nice unexpected adventures too. I'm praying for good weather. White light!

In the meantime, I still have some work and shopping to do. I'm also going to start a sort of creative non-fiction blog. And prepare to paint my room. :)

Lotsa work.

I'm on Plurk too!

I finally gave in and opened a Plurk account. Widget below.

Be my Pleep. Add me!

Dear Universe/God:

So many things to be thankful for!

Last week

1. The new sideline, which I think I'm going to really enjoy!

Last Saturday

2. The food trip around Pampanga, aka Viajeng Cucinang Matua. (I'll write a separate entry about this; pictures in my Multiply!)
3. Mang Jess' taking a different route and dropping me off at the entrance of my village
4. Garlic bread from my brother-in-law

Last Sunday

4. Sunday mass at OCCI, where I saw Fr. Blaise and my other LEAP teammates again.
5. Working lunch and free wifi at Podium with Candy and Jenny
6. Dinner and coffee with Jenny and Louie
7. The bag Jenny won and gave me!

This week

8. My officemates' pancit malabon and pichi-pichi (from Amber!) birthday treat

Life is great! So many blessings.