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Dear random person

I have no agenda. Well, okay, yes, I do. But it's mostly just to love you. Not love, as in love, but love, as in love. If I hug you, it means I wish you well in your leaving. It also means it's okay if you want to stay.

Maybe I do want you to stay, but loving you, as in loving, also means I want you to leave if it will make you okay.

I am no fan of complications. So, I wish we could just speak the truth about me loving you or you loving me--not in that way, maybe, but in that way that should not really be hard to understand.

I want us to be able to hold hands without worrying about when to let go because we don't want the other to think anything. I want you to be able to be with me and just be.

I want us to talk and laugh and listen. Maybe cry, if needed. And, most of all, love. Not love as in love, perhaps, but love as in love.

I want us to grow. We can grow with each other or for the coming of others. We can grow together, even apart.

I have no other agenda. I just want to love you, staying or leaving, crying or laughing, being or nothing, together, apart.

It shouldn't be that hard. Because I have no agenda, you already have my heart.

English Trainer Chronicles: What do women get every month?

Last week.

Me: "I'm not feeling so well."
Female learner: "Why?"
Me: "I'm having a difficult time with... you know, the monthly problem of women."
Learner: "I don't understand."
Me: "What do all women get every month?"
Learner, oh-so-matter-of-factly: "A paycheck."

This week.

Same learner: "I'm not firing on all four cylinders."
Me: "Wow, where did you get that expression?"
Learner: "My (British) bf described me this way when I told him about our lesson last week."