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My theme for 2023: More

I didn't even pretend to make a list of resolutions for 2023, like I have done the past many years. When the new year rolled in, I just sort of surrendered, in a bad way and in a good way. I've been alive long enough to accept that I am always going to be who I am, in a bad way and in a good way. 

I'm done changing myself. And it feels like such a huge relief to openly embrace that there's always going to be something wrong with me and something unlovable about me. 

I know there are good things about me and traits that people do love, but I don't intermittently obsess about minimizing those aspects of me. I don't spend energy magnifying them either, but that's something else I should think about.

But first let me just face my shadow and tell it it's alright for existing. It can come out to play. We can be friends.


That being said, my theme for 2023 is More. As in, I want more. From myself, from others, from life. Thank you; more please.