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We had joy, we had fun

Marchie IN HINDSIGHT, I think it's only fitting that I first encountered March through somebody else's story. One of The Company's Alabang pioneers, Erika--Kristine, really, but the name change is an HR story--would sometimes share my late night commutes with me. On one of those nights, she told me about this girl at the next cubicle who had angrily flashed a note at her. "Keep it down!" it said, or something like that. But that wasn't the first story. The first story, again from Erika, was about the same girl complaining loudly when she and another one of our batchmates, Donna, had the The Company van, which was already well on its way down C-5, turn around and pick them up at Eastwood. There had been some misunderstanding about the schedule, the passengers were told. They were all tired and eager to get home, I imagine; a minute's delay was a minute too many. "So you think you're that important, huh?" she supposedly said when Erika

You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs

It's Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year and the birthday of my cousin and some friends. Busy, busy day, but like I said on Twitter, "Happy, happy, happy day! Whatever you're celebrating, it's all love to me!" And, as Paul McCartney asked, "What's wrong with that?"