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Dream: Disaster

Last night's dream. This is a long one. I was in a management class that suddenly became a cooking class. The teacher whipped up this Italian dish with pasta, meat and some mushrooms and vegetables. "Would anyone like to have this?" she asked us. Nobody replied. A bit miffed, she handed it to the student in front of her: me. The dish looked delicious, actually, so I stood up and went around the classroom to get everyone to try it. Some of my classmates feigned interest, and some didn't bother to hide their annoyance, but most got some of the food. The plate was soon empty, even for me, so I went back to my seat. The teacher, who'd been watching me serve her dish, asked, "Why do you have blood on the seat of your pants? Do you have your period?" Surprised, and suddenly anxious, I whispered, "I just finished my, um, girly thing, ma'am, but I'll go check. I might have just sat on something that looks like blood." I saw what looked like blo

Sa may bus stop

I wrote this on May 5, on the bus, right after it happened, and immediately posted it on Facebook. I tried to write it in English, but it was better expressed in Filipino. Dati, tuwing hormonal ako, kung anu-anong kadramahan ang naiisip ko. Pero ngayon, at nitong mga nakalipas na buwan, ang nagpapaluha sa akin madalas yung nakikita kong pagtitiis at pagsisikap ng mga manggagawang Pilipino. Di ako naawa ah. Nabibilib ako kadalasan. Pero minsan, nalulungkot din para sa kanila. Nagsimula ito sa mga taxi driver na nakikita ko na natutulog sa may police station sa labas ng Eastwood. Eventually, sa pakikipagkwentuhan sa mga driver ng mga taxi na nasasakyan ko pauwi, nalaman ko na 24 hours pala yung shift nila, at kailangan talaga nila mamili ng mga lugar na kung saan pwede silang kampanteng mamahinga. Kanina, dumaan ako sa post office sa likod ng Las PiƱas City Hall. Pagbalik ko sa bus stop, may nakita akong matandang lalaki na nakaupo sa daanan at nagtitinda ng mga pekeng alahas. N

Dream: An invasion, love, and bioelectricity

I dreamt I was stuck in traffic along SLEX. Cars weren't at all moving. Suddenly, bombs started dropping on the expressway. Some country had invaded -- China, I think -- but it could bomb only the main highways. We ran to an area around Merville, where the survivors eventually built a small community. For months the bombing continued, and sometimes other survivors would stumble into our little safe place. I fell in love with one of them. He was a fighter -- I can't remember if he was Filipino; my dream was in English -- and he'd been hurt. We nursed him back to health and had strategic meetings -- none of which I remember, because we were holding hands every time, and I would marvel, sometimes half-awake, at how warm and dry and solid his hand felt and how perfect the fit of my hand in his. One day, the bombings stopped. He said it was time to go; he had to return to the other fighters. He had to go during the lull or else he would miss a chance to go back to his team safel