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Dream: Writing by hand

This time, I don't remember the entire dream. What I do remember is this: I am writing, blue ballpoint pen in hand. I'm taking copious notes, and the pen in my hand doesn't skip a beat, gliding smoothly, effortlessly across the page. I'm taking notes for a project, either for school or work, so I am not thinking too much, just taking in what is being said and putting it on paper in my own words. My thoughts are so organized, I was thinking to myself, so clean. I wrote for hours and hours, churning out pages of my handwriting at its most beautiful best. And my hand was never tired.

Dream: Missing the bus

My best friends, Sherwil, Emily, Ruth, and I were going to Shangri-La Plaza from SM Megamall. Ruth was back in the country and needed to do some shopping for friends and family in Canada. For some reason, we were advised to take a provincial bus since it was going to pass by Shangri-La anyway, and, also for some reason, we thought it was a good idea. On the way to the bus station, we happened upon a residential building that had been used as a location for an elaborate wedding-themed photo and video shoot featuring Judy Ann Santos and an older glamorous actress. A preview flashed in my head: the shots were of them as innocent brides and young housewives. In one scene, Judy Ann was creating an elegant table setting. In another, she was preparing a beautiful meal for her husband. The crew had finished packing up, but the shoot's creative director was still wrapping up business with the owner of the building. I realized I knew the director; we had been really good friends once upon a