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Dream: Fishcats

I dreamed I was sleeping in my brother's room and he and my mom entered the room to put a fishbowl with some goldfish on the nightstand. Their voices woke me up a little, and I looked at the fishbowl as they left. Suddenly, two goldfish leapt out of the fishbowl and transformed into cats, still with shimmery goldfish scales. I called out to my brother and mother, fearing the fishcats would die. Nobody came, so I decided not to care and turned around. One of the fishcats suddenly jumped on my bed. Then I woke up screaming.

Dream: Food strung up in trees

When I'm sick, I get the weirdest dreams. Last night, I dreamed I was visiting a woman with friends. As we were eating, she pointed to the mango trees in front of her home and said they were haunted by ghosts from the war. They would appear to the townspeople and ask for specific food, usually fried chicken. One time, lechon. Then the townspeople would string the food up in the trees.