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The short and long road to getting a book

I first heard about the coffee table book, "Captured Culture: An Interpretative Portrait of Parañaque City" via the ABS-CBN News Channel. The project manager was telling program host Daphne Oseña all about it, that they only printed a thousand copies, and that it was being given for free by the Parañaque City Hall. My mind, warped by horror stories of the bureaucracy, was already telling me, "Oh no, only a thousand copies, and you're not even a Parañaque resident!" But I told myself to give it a shot. I took note of the lady's name, and googled her. I found her name in the online community, and sent her an email explaining that I wanted the book because I was writing short stories about Southern Manila for my graduate school thesis. She promptly replied. She told me to write the Parañaque mayor about my request. I then googled the Parañaque City website, found a "Dear Mayor" email form, and sent them another request, explaini

UP Quill's Release

F or the love of lit, wit, and everything writ. Has it really been ten years already?

Making decisions

After my trip to my former office the other day, I was both giddy and nervous. Giddy because I felt the love from former officemates, and nervous because I was again considering working full-time for them. A major factor here is the fact that I've never loved any company as much, despite my long list of trivial complaints about this or that. Going back as a full-fledged adult pushing 30, and after the ALC at that, has made me realize how much a blessing it was to work for The Philippine STAR. And how selfish my complaints were. And how much I had not contributed to the company culture when I left. But still, I was left wondering if I had said yes because of the "seminar high" the people at OCCI had warned us about, going as far as requiring us not to make any major decisions for 30 days. And so, when I was starting to worry about working full-time again when I hadn't finished my thesis yet, I threw the decision to God. I was finding it difficult to decide between

I feel like I've just woken up

From a really, really deep sleep. I took the Advanced Leadership Course (ALC) for four days last week, from Thursday to Sunday. And I thought the first seminar, the FLEX, which I took last month, had already woken me up! I sometimes probably sound like a crazed fanatic--I don't know if I've scared people with my gushing--but the world has never been as clear as it is right now. And I can't help but recommend this journey to people I care about. Which, thanks to the ALC, includes everyone and his uncle. Haha. ALC 51 I don't have any pictures yet, but during the course, I fell in love with 32 other people I'd known for only four days--plus a smaller number of people who staffed for us. I didn't have this experience during FLEX, despite having mingled some as well, because we didn't really have to work as a team. But the ALC was something else. I felt the energy running through all of us when, on the last day, we finally gelled. The most important thin

Stepping out of a comfort zone

Almost a month ago, I wrote that I was looking for a Toastmasters Club near Las Piñas . I found two in Alabang, and was able to contact one. Last Thursday, Sherwil and I were guests at their meeting in Gloria Maris Alabang. It was a very enjoyable yet educational experience. There were few members (three of them were just club-hopping; they were originally from Toastmasters Kimberly-Clark), and I found it initially strange that they were delivering speeches in a corner of a crowded restaurant, but I learned a lot in just two hours. It was evident from the way they spoke that the Toastmasters program had helped them a lot. Sherwil and I were hesitant to speak at first, but they were very encouraging. We got to talk about ourselves a little and give our comments on one person's table topic speech. I'm very interested in joining, but I'd like to be a guest for a couple more meetings first. I've always loved and hated public speaking. I hate the part where I have to t

When I get married, Part 1

This is going to be one of the ceremony songs! But I want it done like it was in "Love Affair," with children singing.

Missing mass last Monday

I totally forgot about it. After writing for my column and finishing up another article for Louie, I proceeded to plan a day out with Keona, her nanny, and my best friend Sherwil. Nothing special; just play with Keona and a movie after bringing her home. I was just finishing up my seafood pasta at The French Baker in Southmall when I remembered I hadn't gone to mass yet. I checked my watch. It was already 6:30pm and the 6:15pm mass finishes anytime between 6:45pm to 7pm. It was too late for me to catch up. I was bummed. Barely a week into my Lenten pledge, and I had already broken it. But instead of beating myself up over it, like I normally do, I decided to forgive myself and renew my commitment to go to mass everyday for the duration of Lent. I guess the lessons to be learned here are, yes, commitment, discipline, and, most importantly, humility. I'd been proud about keeping my Lenten pledges, but now I have a black mark on the record. Before, that would have been eno