Saturday, October 29, 2016

39: On the road

Live like a flower, sting like a bee!
I was on the road when today arrived, a little sleepy and a lot happy. I was coming home from a Halloween party with my niece Kiara, who had spent the afternoon at her mother's office, pretending she was a bumblebee in exchange for candy.

My brother-in-law was driving, and I found myself talking to him about what I think I want to do with the rest of my life. Surprisingly with more clarity than ever.

I am too tired to write about it now, and I might not have enough time to write about it tomorrow, so I'll just make a note of some realizations that have been meaningful to me on the road to 39 and hopefully I'll get to write about "what I want to do with the rest of my life" as I'm living it.

Noted, by me:

1. You do decide when to give love and when not to.
2. But you do not want to die without giving love, so give it.
3. Your fears can come true, but you get to choose what to make of them.
4. Sometimes, you can't find the good in people. That's when you need to bring out the good in you.
5. You can always walk away. But when you do, at least have an idea of what you're walking towards.

Thank you, I love you, good night.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Ays mmm, says the baby girl

I've been babysitting my two-year-old niece Kiara for a couple of days now. Her parents drop her off in the morning and then pick her up at night. It's sometimes hard, but always fun.

Today, Kiara came up to me in the kitchen, carrying her small bag of clothes. "Snnmmm," she said.

"What?" I asked. "You want to go to SM?" We've been bringing her to SM Southmall, where she rides the carousel and eats cheese pizza and basically just runs around.

She shook her head. "Snnmmmmmm."

"SM?" I asked again. "Do. You. Want. To. Go. To. S. M.?"

She smiled and shook her head. Then she pointed to the freezer. "Ays Mmmm!"

She wanted ice cream! So I told her to sit in the living room and I'd bring her some ice cream.

She's there now, watching TV and eating half a cup of Choco Mallow Grahams.

And me? I'm back in the kitchen, wondering if she'd been threatening to leave (thus, the bag) if I didn't give her any ice cream.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Cooking lumpia (and two kinds too!)

This is not what I cooked. They did not come out looking like this!
So I made lumpiang shanghai and lumpiang togue today. It took me four hours total and resulted in ugly but apparently yummy lumpia.

I saw my lumpiang shanghai crumble in the frying pan and commented, "Ugh, they look like sh*t."

Mommy heard me and said, "Don't say that!"

But they did look like sh*t. Maybe small dog sh*t. Mommy said they tasted good though.

The lumpiang togue looked much better, but still terrible, as if they wanted to burst out of the wrapper. But the squash strips I added gave it a good flavor, and I was happy with the taste.

Now to practice my lumpia rolling skills. Then learn how to air-fry lumpia with as little oil as possible.