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In today's journey to kindness

I was a bit mean to the female server at Burgoo when I asked her about their lunch set that said pasta and nachos. I asked if I could choose the type of pasta and she said no. I asked if it had meat in it and she said, "Parang ganoon na rin." What the heck of an answer is "Sort of"?

So I snapped a little and said, but still nicely, "Importante ito. Meron ba o wala?" I just wanted a simple yes or no. But the manager stepped in and asked, "What is it that you would like to order, ma'am?"

Maybe he thought I was having a difficult time understanding the lunch sets or the server was having difficulty explaining it to me (it's relatively new). Or maybe the server herself was new.

But I started my sentence with "I'm vegetarian" and he already knew what I wanted. "There's no meat in the pasta and we'll serve the cheese on the side," he said.

This is why I love Burgoo. And I left a tip for the server I snapped at.

How to make a life

The other day, I took a tricycle driven by a man who took his business to another level. He had a portable TV and DVD player, with remote control, for the passenger. The reception was crisp and clear, volume just right. And below the player, he displayed around a dozen twist-type stainless steel and faux leather ballpoint pens for sale for P5 each. I wanted to buy out his stock, but I changed my mind because I wanted to share the experience with other passengers.