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English Trainer Chronicles: A triple treat

Three stories, to make up for my lack of blogging. Tomatoes The "Monday question," as most of my learners have observed, is "What did you do last weekend?" So... Me: What did you do last weekend? Learner: I prepared the soil in the garden for the tomatoes I will plant. Me: You plant tomatoes? That's great! What kind of tomatoes do you plant? Learner: I plant two kinds, grape tomatoes and the tomato we call Roma. Me: What is the Roma tomato like? Learner: It is coming from Italy... Me: Wait... let's fix this sentence. When you say "It is coming from Italy," it means it is on its way right now. Learner: Why, yes, Althea, it's coming on the train to jump in my garden. Don't you have tomatoes like that in your country? Running on water Same learner got me too! We were talking about dolphins in the Philippines. I was telling him about how, when I was in Bohol, we followed dolphins around on a boat. I think I got a little overexcited, as usua

Love life

I was surfing the net about one of my dream gadgets, the Kindle, and I found this webcomic: . I found funny comics that pretty much sums up my love life in the last 30 years. 1. Pre-teen era . 2. Teenage years. 3. Part of my twenties. 4. The other part of my twenties, I think, and a good part of my early 30s, but in a slightly different way. 5. My pet neurosis. 6. And, voila! My soul mate .