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English Trainer Chronicles: Put to sleep

Learner: My journey today is not very good. I will go to the dentist in two hours. Me: Why? Learner: I have cavities. Me: Oh. Sorry to hear that. How do you feel about going to the dentist? Learner: It's not good, but it's okay. The dentist will sleep my tooth. Me: Sorry, but that's not correct. The dentist can't sleep your tooth. I introduce the expression "put to sleep." Me: Now, please repeat. Learner: The dentist will put my tooth to sleep. We talk about how it's not really the tooth, but the nerves. And that the procedure is called a root canal. Then I have the brilliant idea of introducing the other meaning of "put to sleep." Me: Do you have a pet? Learner: I had a cat. Me: Well, you know when the cat is very, very sick and it won't be okay? Learner: Yes. My cat was very, very sick. And now it's sleeping forever because it's die! Me: (After correcting "It's die!") So, you put your cat t