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I still love you, you know

Maybe the point is not to understand. “Love is a dark night. Dark nights are largely about love. Once you give up the bright light of consciousness and understanding, you may discover that you can be in this world in a darker way, living by love and desire rather than by rationality and control. You don’t give up your intellect, but you allow love its natural dominance.” - From Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore

English Trainer Chronicles: Long vowel, short vowel

My learner and I were working on a dialogue on dinner conversations. Me: Thanks for inviting me to your house. It's lovely. Learner: I’m glad you like it. Why don’t you have some snakes? Me: ... Learner: Oh. Snacks! Snacks! It was her last lesson today, after almost two years. I'll miss her. :-( At least we had a good laugh. :-)

Happy Halloween!

It's spooky time! I like Halloween because I like scary, spooky, creepy things. Is there any good horror film showing? (This bat reminds me of a birthday gift I got from Lorie in college!) It's also the last day of October, and, perhaps, the last day I will eat chicken. I'll think long and hard about this and decide at midnight. :-) Here's a picture of my date! Keona as Dora the Explorer  Keona and her backpack