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Meet Bartender Jhun

We had stopped by for a couple of drinks -- a mojito for me, a margarita for Marchie -- before we called it a night, but we ended up hanging out at the bar, chatting up the bartender. What started out as a request for a shorter straw soon became a telling of his life story. He was happy to serve it to us, too, in between his bartending tasks. He wasn't actually that busy anymore; it was around 11 p.m. on a Saturday night in Taguig City, where curfew closes establishments at 2 a.m., and the bar was already close to empty. The first thing Jhun confessed was that he used to have an office job: He worked as a collector for Vintage Sports when it still owned the rights to broadcast PBA games. He would collect hundreds of thousands of pesos a week for the company, he said, and he was handling the smallest accounts. Jhun told us that he was a hard worker, but more than that, he was an eager learner. Once, he broke a computer keyboard in his desire to learn how to use the damn machine -- a

How I know to love you

This is how I know to love you: I have loved before without question. I unwrapped its arrival like a gift, finding leather shoes that didn’t fit or a maybe a silk shirt in a color I didn’t like. Yet I accepted the present for what it was: something in my hand, a thought so sweet and expectant. My love was gallant. I cupped it like droplets of water. How I loved it, how I burned, and, burning, how my love faded with nothing left to return. This is how I love you now: I love you in a sea of questions, or perhaps an ocean, with question mark after question mark leaping in the salty spray. I navigate with caution because I want you present, like water. I don't want us to lose our way.