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No end in sight?

I read an Eckhart Tolle quote the other day about not resisting life and appreciating the present. 

"To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease and lightness. This state is then no longer dependent upon things being in a certain way, good or bad." 

How grounding as always, I thought, but also, how difficult, given this two-year-old pandemic.

I think I'm on my default freeze response. I was going to say fight, but I don't think it's accurate. It could be flight, I suppose, without actual movement. I just try not to look at the tornado outside my window. Is that flight?

We're currently having the worst COVID-19 surge ever. I'm thankful, though, that most people are experiencing only mild symptoms. My siblings and their family, my closest friends--they've been touched by it and are recovering. And I'm praying that will be the end of it.

Yesterday, I read news that was guaranteed to piss me off. Is the virus airborne, our country's top leader was asking. In 2022. And our health secretary replied that the surge is caused by people's token compliance to health protocols. 

I don't want to be angry anymore, because negative feelings are bad for the health. But what the actual fuck.

Maybe things will never be the same again. Maybe we will have to learn to live with this virus. I can adapt, I believe, but at least let us feel safe outside, with other people, again. 

My theme for 2022: Move

The past two years have been lived in semi-paralysis. I couldn't move because I didn't know what was safe to do and what wasn't, and I wasn't just thinking of myself but the people in my bubble, especially my mother.

This year is both the same and different. We're vaccinated, we know more about how to protect ourselves, but the case numbers have never been higher. Members of my family have also been affected.

But I can't live in suspension anymore. And I also don't want to. Thus, my theme for 2022 is Move.

I'd been mulling it over since the end of December, and it felt like the right them to push me into action. It can also mean many things, like change places and transform spaces and even touch hearts. 

So, 2022, let's move.