Making decisions

After my trip to my former office the other day, I was both giddy and nervous. Giddy because I felt the love from former officemates, and nervous because I was again considering working full-time for them. A major factor here is the fact that I've never loved any company as much, despite my long list of trivial complaints about this or that.

Going back as a full-fledged adult pushing 30, and after the ALC at that, has made me realize how much a blessing it was to work for The Philippine STAR. And how selfish my complaints were. And how much I had not contributed to the company culture when I left.

But still, I was left wondering if I had said yes because of the "seminar high" the people at OCCI had warned us about, going as far as requiring us not to make any major decisions for 30 days.

And so, when I was starting to worry about working full-time again when I hadn't finished my thesis yet, I threw the decision to God. I was finding it difficult to decide between two good decisions (I know working at STAR is something I would love, but I would also very much love to have time to finish my thesis and do other more creative things). So I told God to take away the option that wasn't meant for me. And the very next day, he did.

Apparently, the opening my formers bosses wanted for me didn't materialize. When I was told this via Yahoo messenger, the feeling that swept through me was, "Well, maybe a better job position is coming." Or, I probably was meant for greater and more challenger things. I replied, half in jest, "Maybe there'll be an opening in the travel section." To which my boss replied, "We'll see." And a big smiley.

Back at OCCI

I was there again last night for the orientation to LEAP32. Some of my ALC51 batchmates were there, including Rolan, our leader. I was surprised to see him there, as he had said he wouldn't be able to make it. But I'm happy he was, because we're still planning for the 30-day reunion on April 24. Apparently, according to someone there who's already been through the trilogy, we should be there on the 24th, because there's a final module.

During the orientation, we were asked to introduce ourselves and say why we were there. Here's what I said: "Hi, I'm Althea, and I'm also with ALC51. I learned from the ALC that I had been saying no to many opportunities for growth in my life, and I'm here to say yes to LEAP."

I'm proud of what I said, because I didn't overthink it (as I tend to do), and I spoke from the heart, and it turned out pretty well.

Now, I have until March 29 to raise P17,000 to pay for the course. This is going to be fun.