Stepping out of a comfort zone

Almost a month ago, I wrote that I was looking for a Toastmasters Club near Las Piñas. I found two in Alabang, and was able to contact one. Last Thursday, Sherwil and I were guests at their meeting in Gloria Maris Alabang.

It was a very enjoyable yet educational experience. There were few members (three of them were just club-hopping; they were originally from Toastmasters Kimberly-Clark), and I found it initially strange that they were delivering speeches in a corner of a crowded restaurant, but I learned a lot in just two hours. It was evident from the way they spoke that the Toastmasters program had helped them a lot.

Sherwil and I were hesitant to speak at first, but they were very encouraging. We got to talk about ourselves a little and give our comments on one person's table topic speech. I'm very interested in joining, but I'd like to be a guest for a couple more meetings first.

I've always loved and hated public speaking. I hate the part where I have to think on my feet (I would think most writers do, because the self-editing doesn't have the buffer of time), but I would love to be able to develop that skill. I love the part where you have an audience and a message to deliver.

The General Evaluator present said that we were both very articulate. I didn't think so, but hey, any compliment's welcome. I'm looking forward to stepping out of this comfort zone!