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Fully-booked week ahead, and I'm feeling so happy

I have a busy week ahead, which actually started since Sunday, when I went to the OCCI office in Pasig, but that's good. Most of my appointments are income-generating projects, so I'm happy.

I'm also looking for a steady part-time job (or a not so demanding full-time one) that will give me time for freelance writing, creative writing, and thesis-writing. I'm looking into teaching ESL. I saw this ad looking for English trainers for Europeans, and they're opening in Alabang soon. I have an interview and test at their Libis office on Wednesday.

Leave me a comment if you're interested, and I'll give you the name and email address of the lady I sent my resume to.

I'm a little nervous about going on job interviews again--

but I've always done okay, so I choose to be powerful, courageous, and committed to earning money to finally be independent.

My first FLEX enrollee

My first enrollee, Jing, a friend and former officemate at The Philippine Star, just graduated from the FLEX (Foundations of Leadership Excellence) seminar. She's part of FLEX Team 78.

We had dinner with Louie, my enroller last Sunday, and I was happy to hear that Jing thoroughly enjoyed the experience too. I've always seen Jing's light--which is why we're still friends even if I left the newspaper four years ago--and I've always wanted people, especially her officemates, to see it too.

I'm excited for her because she's taking the ALC (Advanced Leadership Course) beginning Thursday this week. Louie's staffing too, so I'm sure they'll get to know each other better.

Personally, FLEX was great for me, but it was with ALC that I really experienced a transformation. Louie even tells me I have a different aura now--and I feel it too. In fact, these days, I feel *kilig* (what's the English word for this?) without any special reason at all! It's like I sing the body electric. :P

I'm also looking forward to the last of the seminar trilogy, LEAP (Leadership Excellence Achievement Program), which will begin on April 27. Jing will be joining me, along with some of my ALC batchmates, and, I believe, a batchmate from FLEX.

But first, our ALC 30-day reunion, tonight at 7.30pm. :)

P.S. Dear Readers, if you're interested to know more about this amazing seminar trilogy, please contact me, and I'll tell you what I can about my own personal experience.

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