My schedule cleared up, and I'm even happier

This Law of Attraction thing is really amazing--I'd been looking forward to my fully-booked week, but then in the middle of all the things I have to do and traveling to Pasig City (that's four to five hours of my day already), it suddenly dawned on me that the deadline for the Palanca Awards is twelve days away. I looked at my calendar and wished more at-home time for myself ASAP because I already have a story revision brewing in my head.

But just when I thought I'd have to work on my entries in between income-generating work and long bus rides, my schedule cleared up--without any opportunity sacrificed.

As early as last night, Tuesday, I was already fatigued. After meeting Jing on Sunday, I slept over at her apartment (and of course we talked the night away). I got home Monday noon, having hitched a ride with my brother from Port Area.

On the way, we picked up Keona, whom I babysat with pleasure, so I didn't get enough sleep (it was worth it, though, because she started walking!). Tuesday morning I had errands, and then a 5.30pm meeting and the ALC 51 7.30pm reunion in Pasig. When I got home around 11pm, my mom was preparing for a 5am flight. I helped her with some last-minute stuff, and slept again at 4.30am.

I woke up Tuesday 8am with a really bad migraine. And remembering from FLEX that all agreements can be renegotiated, I called up ITI Consulting to postpone my 10am interview.

I hesitantly moved my interview to Friday, although what I really want is for this week to be dedicated to writing. Later this morning, I got a call from them and my interview is now Wednesday next week. A few minutes later, I also got a call from my Thursday appointment in Manila, moving our meeting to Saturday, 2.30pm, in Makati, where I needed to be anyway for a 4pm birthday party!

That gives me today, Thursday and Friday to recuperate and revise. And then a couple more days next week to revise some more.

I have no excuse not to join the Palanca Awards now. :)