There's still next year

I am so busy with my freelance jobs, I didn't make time to work on my Palanca entries. No excuses, just a rearrangement of priorities... that wasn't well thought out, but still ended up rewarding.

I like making money. But I sure would like to get that medal once and for all.

With that said, I congratulate Louie in advance. (And this entry will be proof I was the first to do so in public, because I believe in him and because I love my friends.)

More news below--

1. I'm leaving for Bacolod on Monday, April 30, to meet up with some of the guyguys, including Jonathan, who's joining us from Zamboanga City! I'll stay in Bacolod overnight--to check out those old houses from Bacolod's Spanish haciendero days, eat chicken inasal (recipe here), buy piyaya, and do every touristy thing I can do in a day.

Just kidding.

I'm actually just curious about the old houses, because in between job exams and interviews a few days ago, I read a Mabuhay Magazine article about the old houses of the old rich in Bacolod, some of them still displaying family crests from their Spanish ancestors. Interestingly, it was a French guy who married a Chinese-Filipino mestiza who brought the sugar to Negros Occidental.

May 1, Jonathan and I will fly to Cebu. Heizel will meet us there, coming from Bohol. I don't know what to do in Cebu City that I haven't already done, but I still intend to eat lechon at least once, buy trinkets near the Basilica Minore del Sto. NiƱo or Magellan's Cross, eat/drink as many mangoes/mango shakes as I can, and meet Nathalie of course.

2. In less than a month, I'll have a full-time job. It's still unofficial; I have yet to sign the contract. But it's an interesting one I can do that won't take too much away from my creative writing. I'll be an English Trainer for Europeans (clients right now are German, French, and Italian). I'll be working on European time too.

(Hey, Fer, if you're reading this, this reminds me of the time we *tried* to do voice chat, but failed because my connection was bad or something. I was studying Spanish at that time, and you were studying English, and we figured that it would be good practice for both of us. Apparently, it's a lucrative industry now!)

It's a pity I haven't bought my dream camera yet.

3. I start LEAPing tomorrow. I have to wear business attire. High heels! Ugh.