Day 1 at work

Day 1 was a long day. At some point, I was panicking at the thought of all those binding legalities--but I guess that's what an entire day of lectures about methods, and rules and regulations can do to you. Seriously, I've never sat that long and listened to lectures in my entire life--not even in college.

But it was all good. Just information overload, I guess.

Around the time I was having this panicky feeling, I remembered that it's part of my LEAP goal to joyfully and excitingly start my job because this will allow me to pursue a writing career without having to worry *too much* about the corporate rat race. It calmed me down.

There's a Hawaiian-themed party in the pantry on Friday. I am working on not thinking about all the other things I have to do... but I find it so hard because I want to make lots of money to buy me a pretty little laptop... which will enable me to make more money!

Isn't life just great!