As part of my personal goal in LEAP, I had my hair cut yesterday at Piandre Libis, right after my last day of training. It rained when I went home, so it doesn't look too different now, but last night, it was blow-dried straight, and it looked all neat and pretty. I'm actually considering getting it straightened permanently--but it's really expensive, so I'll think about it first. Besides, I do like my wavy (ondulado!) hair, even if in the Philippines, long, straight, and shiny locks are on top of the "Beauty" list.

I tried to make it straight this morning--just in time for LEAP's 2nd intensive, so my coach and my teammates will at least see the difference--but my Revlon straightener, a gift from the US, won't work, either in 110v or 220v. I suspect it was mistakenly plugged into a 220v socket. Do you guys know where I can have this little thing fixed?

Maybe I'll just have my hair treated with something? Or have it colored? I've never done anything to my hair before, so I have zero ideas. I like the thought of it completely black, instead of blackish-brown, but I can't decide if I want it dyed.

Just bouncing off ideas! My hair has always been an issue for me, ever since my dad cut it really short when I was 10 and it didn't grow back straight anymore. I've kept my hair long since college because of this.

Any suggestions on what I should do? I'm hairstyle-impaired, but I'm working on it.