Taking a deep breath

I start training with my new job tomorrow. I'm going to be an online English trainer--something new and exciting for me. I'll be based in Alabang, but I'll have three days of training in Libis.

My schedule has been packed but erratic lately, but because of this job, it's going to stabilize for sure soon. I'm welcoming this, actually, because while I hate routine, I like structure!

I'm a little scared about having full-time work again--but I'm also looking forward to it because it's going to bring new people in my life. And God knows I need those right now.

More news

Happy birthday, baby Keona!

Keona turned one yesterday, May 21! We had a simple dinner at Congo Grille in Westgrove, and coffee and dessert after at Cafe Breton across it. Her real party's this weekend, but I won't be able to attend because I'll be having my second intensive for LEAP.

I'm sad about it, because
the theme is Neverland and she'll be dressed as Tinkerbell. But I'm consoling myself that LEAP is helping me to be a better person, and a better auntie for her.

Keona enjoyed her evening in Congo Grille and Cafe Breton, because of the decor, which, apparently, was exciting for her. She kept trying to reach the mobile in Cafe Breton. Last time she was there, she was only six months old, and she grabbed a flower from one of the vases. She also got a monkey stuffed toy from Congo Grille, and she was very pleased with it.

Weight goal!

I've been going to Fitness First Southmall for two weeks now. I've lost 5.6 pounds. Slow and steady, is what my weight management trainer tells me. I have till June 22--my LEAP deadline--to lose my first 15 pounds. Slow and steady.