"Am I on the right path?"

How often have I been sidetracked--or completely sideswiped--by this question? I am, by nature, a worrier. Worse, a guilty worrier. I think it's my Catholic upbringing that brought in the guilt.

But I don't worry about small things.

I worry that I am not as good a person as I should be. I worry that I am not contributing real value into my life. I worry I cannot ever contribute enough in the world. You know, things like that.

Usually, I base most of my life decisions on an imagined end--me on my deathbed, surrounded by people who love me and whom I love. Do they love me? Have I loved them enough? The ideal end is that we're all laughing--celebrating my life well-lived--and crying--mourning a light that will soon be gone.

My question is: Is the path I am on leading me there?

I read a nice post on Paulo Coelho's blog this week. And I quote:
The warrior has already heard comments of the type: “How am I to know if this is the right path?” He has seen many people give up the Quest because they did not know how to answer that question.
The warrior, however, has no doubts; he follows an infallible formula. “By its fruits you shall know the tree,” said Jesus.
He follows this rule, and it never fails. I'm looking at my life right now, and, again, really, I have everything I want. What I think I lack, are just the bonuses.

I think I'm doing a good job. :)