Do you remember...

That very first time in September? Sorry, I just couldn't resist. But it just so happens that when the year hits the -ber months, I really do get sentimental, and I start evaluating recent life thus far. It's a little bit tricky, because most of 2007 is, shall we say, life after Juan, whom I last talked to on September 5, 2006.

All in all, though, I think I'm in a good space this year. I haven't blogged much, because I've just been really enjoying my work and enjoying my time off during weekends.

I did so many things. I tried to join Toastmasters Alabang (I had to back out, though, because of scheduling conflicts), I took the whole OCCI seminar trilogy (which really did change the way I live), I splurged on a trip (which was something new for little old homebody me, who used to be content--and happy, actually--with doing most of my travelling in my mind), I signed up for a gym membership, I found a full-time job I love, et cetera.

There are still a number of things I'd like to accomplish for the remaining months of the year: buy a laptop and a digicam, finish my thesis, have a talk with Juan (we're still in touch, but only through text), lose 30 more pounds or so.

And then there are the goals I'd like to attract for myself, like having a weekly column with a national readership, falling in love... you know, stuff. :)

The way I see it, the remaining four months of 2007 is all about getting myself ready for what's going to happen in 2008.

I just know it's going to be great.