What do you do with a B.A. in English?

Perhaps another reason why I enjoyed Avenue Q was that while I couldn't relate anymore with the angst and "bothers" (the main characters were in their early 20s after all), there were plenty of references to familiar struggles.

As mentioned in Ghostlightning's blog, one song asks, "What do you do with a B.A. in English?"

Not much, according to Avenue Q. But yes:
"Somehow I can't shake,
The feeling I might make,
A difference,
To the human race."
So what have I done with my B.A. in English?

1. Write showbiz articles and The Buzz and Martin Late@Night transcripts for defunct ABS-CBN websites. I suppose this makes me one of the earliest entertainment transcriptionists in the country, because this was way before outsourcing became a trend.
2. Write and edit press releases, feature articles, and marketing copy for The Philippine STAR.

3. Write a teleplay that won me a literary award, but is now like Avenue Q's Gary Coleman: it has already served its purpose as a written text. It will never become a film, which is what gives the teleplay its real value. The subject is passé now. It's high time I write a new one.
4. Write extremely boring and aggressive-by-Filipino-standards copy for IT marketing collateral for a BPO company.

5. Beef up my degree with an MFA in Creative Writing, which I am finishing up. I'm tempted to say it was like adding another useless degree to an already useless one, but it's not, really. Really.
6. Write and a deliver a testimonial to Dr. Cirilo Bautista on his retirement tribute. It was quite funny, even if I should say so myself.

7. Write SEO articles and press releases for extra money. It pays less than peanuts, and I'm not doing much of it anymore. But it was also fun.
8. Write a weekly entertainment column that is published by The Freeman in Cebu. I'm no critic--and I have no plans of being one--so it's all just light-hearted content that has earned me a small, but I guess appreciative, following.

9. Teach English to Europeans. And it's so much fun!
10. I'm now working on my first collection of short stories. I'm now working on my first collection of short stories. I'm not working on my first collection of short stories. :P

I'm not rich yet, but I intend to be. :)

In case you want to hear the song, below is a nice video of someone singing it well. He uploaded it in YouTube. Ghostlightning has the lyrics.