Letter from an English Trainer

Dear Learner,
By the way, this amuses me no end: the French cow says “meugler” and the English cow says “moo” and the Filipino cow says, “unga.” That's pronounced [oo-ngah], in case you're interested. :)

Apparently, animals have their own language too. ;) I first learned this in my Spanish lessons. The American dog says “bow-wow,” the Filipino dog says “aw-aw,” and the Spanish dog says, “gua-gua” What does the French dog say?

(It's either we're becoming friendly, or I'm running out of things to say!)


  1. how about kokak and croak/ribitt? how do the european frogs sound? i've always found it amusing too .....hakhakhak....or is it hahahahaha? :)

  2. The Filipino frog says Kokak, the American says Ribbit, the British perhaps is Croak, the Korean says Kegul-Kegul, the Japanese says Kerokeropi and the French frogs don't speak because they've all been eaten.

  3. Hey, about those French frogs... apparently, as I've been told, the legs are cut off from them while they're still alive! This really reminds me of Pepe Le Peu and that cat he chases who says, "Le mew." Hehe.

  4. the filipino and american cats say meow, but the japanese sey nyaa


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