Saturday magic

Last Saturday was yet another one for the books. I am still in the process of getting my digicam, so I don't have pictures of my own, but it was very much well-documented by my friends, and loads of pictures and a couple of videos are up in their Multiply accounts. If you're among my Multiply friends, look for the pictures in Candy's and Razel's accounts.

Our fantasy selves; photo taken by Louie.

I wanted to write a lengthy post about the triple birthday celebration of Heizel (she turned 32 on October 21), yours truly (turning the big 3-0 on October 29), and Louie (turning 27 on the same day as mine) with the guysguys (my MFA classmates; that's our unofficial name, yes we have an official one and it's a long story), but it's 2:04am and I have gym at 8am tomorrow, and I can't do that magical, fun Saturday justice writing about it like this.

A quote from that day, from a suddenly fatherly Dr. Cirilo Bautista to Heizel, who sort-of-lamented her age: "32 ka pa lang, hija!" You're only 32.

I'll write about it soonest. In the meantime--

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