Northgate Cyberzone's been decorating, and I've been seeing giants these past few days.

I was surprised to see a row of evenly distributed pots. They line the walkway I pass through on my way to work and back home. They're made of concrete, but painted to look like clay.

I'm hoping they will be filled with nice little trees for natural shade--and to help keep the fresh air that characterizes this part of Muntinlupa City.

I like Northgate Cyberzone because it's a relatively new area, and there are still empty lots. But there's a lot of construction going on, and it won't be long until the suburban feel is replaced by the hustle and bustle I associate with (and dislike about) the bigger cities.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas too! Aside from the usual sort of Christmas lights, Northgate Cyberzone has balls--

--giant Christmas balls.

You can't miss them.

I was hoping they'd be all lit up at night, but no. They just have little spotlights trained on them.

Unfortunately, I haven't mastered my Samsung digicam yet, so I don't know how to take good pictures at night.