MFA Saturday

Ever since I started taking my MFA, I've had plenty of fun Saturdays to look forward to--and then look back at. We don't have classes anymore--we haven't had any for two years now, I think--but the fun hasn't stopped.

Jonathan was in town for a seminar and the Philippine PEN fiction anthology book launch this weekend. Of course we couldn't let that pass, even if only four of us were able to make it.

We pulled another all-nighter: Barbara's in Intramuros for the launch (I love the cream puffs); some place in Malate for beer, sisig, mussels, and garlic mushrooms; Bed for a quick peek (there was so much cigarette smoke, I couldn't breath after half an hour watching all those yummy gay men dancing); Starbucks Malate for coffee (my favorite toffee nut latte, yum) and for some lazy picture-taking; and then McDonald's in the United Nations Avenue (thus called because the UN office is there) for breakfast.

We had an average of four beers between us at this place at this makeshift sidestreet bar. I can't recall what it's called, but it's right across Friendly's Guesthouse.

One of the pictures we took of ourselves as we lounged in the comfy chairs of Starbucks, waiting for sunrise.