MFA Saturday

We were supposed to have a Christmas lunch, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the date was bumped up to January 19 and what was a Christmas lunch became a New Year lunch. Following tradition, we still had a theme: "polka chic."

After lunch, we went to Quiapo to look for the "optical alley." It's on Paterno Street, if you care to know. Ana scored some cheap but classy eyeglass frames.

It was a good day to be in Quiapo. It had been drizzling, so the air was clean and cool. We tried street food in Plaza Miranda (fried calamares for P3.00 a piece and corn on the cob). I also managed to score a keychain screwdriver set, perfect for my glasses.

It wasn't a good day to take cabs though. We had to take two jeeps (one to Liwasang Bonifacio, another to Vito Cruz) to find a better place to hail a taxi. Then it was Makati for us.

We didn't take too many photos this time. Allan and Louie, who both didn't have polka-dotted anythings,  came wearing checkered shirts. They left early, so they missed the photo-ops. :)

Candy: "Sir, ang stiff niyo dito. Mag-pose naman po kayo."

Doc Bau: "O sige, ayan."